The Simple way to get fit

Keeping fit and leading an active lifestyle can have positive effects on the appearance of your skin. By having a healthy body we are making steps towards having a clearer complexion and improved skin tone and condition.


We've teamed up with ASICS to give you top tips and advice so you can reap the benefits of keeping active. The team of ASICS experts have created a series of training plans at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science, which has been developed into a free online training tool, mobile app and Facebook app - MY ASICS.

The MY ASICS mobile application is a digital training service designed to help you achieve your running goals; from a 5km run to a marathon, or anything in between.The app allows you to record precise data on your runs using the GPS on your phone.


Why Design a Plan?
According to figures from the MY ASICS database, 62% of people using the service have improved their personal best goal time and 30% of runners who started using MY ASICS for distances shorter than a marathon eventually ran a full marathon!

Customised to you
MY ASICS plans are customised so that each plan reflects your requirements. The plan even adjusts as you get fitter and progress through your training – it's all about efficient training.

MY ASICS is the mobile app companion to the online service that allows your mobile phone data to sync with your online running logbook. Your training plan is also available through the app, so everything is accessible at the touch of a button

Share your progress on Facebook 
The app has also been integrated with Facebook, meaning you can share your progress and encourage support on your journey of improvement.


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