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Christine is an internationally recognised expert in psychology and knows how our wellbeing can positively affect our physical appearance and our skin. As a senior lecturer in Psychology applied to Medicine and an Honorary Consultant Psychologist at the University of Manchester, she has over 20 years experience in applying proven research to real people using the science of psychology to inform and improve research and care.

"I have combined my knowledge and expertise with Simple to create the Simple Sense routine. A personalised programme to help you get the most out of your routine for great looking skin. When you feel stress in your body it's a sign that you need to unwind. So taking some time out is an important step for you, not only to bring your body back on track but to help your skin too."

As an internationally recognised expert in the psychology of conditions like diabetes and psoriasis Christine understands that for those with poor skin health, the psychological impact can be significant - such as a loss of confidence or even depression. Although it may not be obvious, stress is linked to skin conditions as the way your body can react to stress is to divert its blood supply to the main muscles like your heart to protect it, and away from organs such as your liver and your skin.

"The impact that our state of mind and mental health has on our bodies is well documented. It does take a toll on both physical appearance and skin condition."

Over time this can affect your health and show in your skin, making it look drained and tired and can even result in blemishes and breakouts more often. Research also proves that stress delays wound healing. In addition to this, when you are stressed you are likely to adopt other behaviours which also impact your skin such as lack of sleep, drinking too much, exercising less which can lead to a vicious cycle and result in secondary poor effects on your skin. Also, when you experience poor skin health this can have a psychological impact - reduced confidence and depression. Good skin health and effective management of your mental wellbeing can help manage and avoid all of this!

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We all feel better after a good night’s sleep right? Not only do you have more energy and better concentration levels, it is also the key to happy skin!
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Sleep and your skin

You may not realise this, but having a restful night’s sleep allows your body to renew and repair skin cells. How? Well, as you sleep soundly at night, your body renews itself. The proteins which keep skin looking fresh and youthful looking, encourage skin cell renewal and repair are part of the renewal process. So when you wake up in the morning, you skin is replenished, repaired and refreshed, leaving it feeling bright and healthy looking. 

Trouble sleeping can often be a sign of stress, and if you haven't had such a good night then you might find your skin looks tired and sallow and you may even have the dreaded dark circles under your eyes. You might also notice a loss of concentration, or maybe your mood is affected during the day.

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If that all sounds a bit familiar, and you want to kick your skin into repair mode here are some top tips.
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Beauty sleep and your skin

Give your mind and body plenty of time to wind down and relax. Set a good hour aside before bed to prepare yourself for sleep. We all have different ways of relaxing, you might like to read a book, have a warm bath or even listen to some soothing music. Find out what works for you and set time aside each night for this.

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Did you know that have a positive outlook on life can have a positive effect on your skin? This is great news. But equally, feeling stressed can have a negative impact on the condition of your skin …not so great!
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Happy You Happy Skin

Some clever research shows that people who smile look much younger than those who don’t. And here’s another reason to smile - when we feel happy, hormones called endorphins are released by our brains which give us an increased feeling of wellbeing. So when you feel super inside, it really is written all over your face. 

Christine Bundy
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