The Busy Girl's Guide To A Full Body Attack Not all exercises were created equal so when you've only got thirty minutes to spare make sure you get the most out of your workout with this powerful circuit training.

Workouts for your complexion as well as body

The Busy Girl's Guide To A Full Body Attack
Circuits are the best way to make the most of a short exercise window because they get your heart pumping and work every muscle in your body. Circuits increase your cardio vascular fitness, burn calories and boost your resting metabolic rate (the rate at which your body utilises energy and burns fat post work out).
High intensity of circuit training means you will sweat like never before! Sweating can help purge your skin of impurities, leaving it clean, clear and able to breathe.
Equipment required
Skipping rope
Hula hoop

Exercise 1: Skipping Read more

Main Muscles Worked:
Lungs, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves (Gastrocnemius), Bottom (Gluteus Maximus), Arms, Stomach (Abdominals)
With or without a rope, skip keeping your elbows in and landing on the ball of your foot initially quickly followed by your heel Make sure to keep your knees soft and core contracted the whole time.
Time: 30 - 60 second bursts.
Exercise 1: Skipping

Exercise 2: Lunge with dumbbell curl Read more

Main Muscles Worked:
Quadriceps, Bottom (Gluteus Maximus) and Biceps
Stand with hips and shoulders in alignment then lunge forward onto one legBend the leading knee and drop the back one so that it's hovering above the floor. Both knees should be at a 90 degree angle. Curl the dumbbells inward as you lunge and uncurl as you push off with the leading foot back to start position.
Time: 30 - 60 second bursts.
Exercise 2: Lunge with dumbbell curl

Exercise 3: Hula hoop Read more

Main Muscles Worked:
Arms, Stomach (Abdominals), Bottom (Gluteus Maximus)
Stand with your feet slightly apart, with one slightly in front of the other to aid motion. Hold the hoop with both hands above your hips and then throw/spin in a counter-clockwise direction with your hands, matching the rotation by moving your hips back and forth. Keep your arms up and out of the way of the hoop and for added resistance, wear wrist weights!
Time: 3 x sets of 30 - 60 second bursts.


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