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Sensitive skin and pregnancy

You’re pregnant! You’ll have a whole list of things to think about in this time, so let us help tick off the skincare box. Hormones fluctuate in pregnancy, and this can cause extra sensitivity for your skin – meaning that you may need to make some changes to your skincare during pregnancy. It’s ok: we’re here to walk you the signs of sensitive skin in pregnancy to look out for, and how you can adapt your pregnancy skincare to tackle them!


Just like in your teens, hormone fluctuations can ramp up sebum levels in the skin, meaning (yep, you’ve guessed it!) breakouts. Oily skin come as a surprise? In pregnancy, our skin type can change, so take stock of your new skin type and switch out your usual skincare if it’s no longer doing its job.

Dry skin

While you might be beaming with excitement on the inside, you may find that your skin feels dry and tight thanks to hormones, stretching, and heightened levels of sensitive skin during pregnancy. Moisturiser will be your mum-to-be must-have to keep skin soft and supple, and your skin’s moisture barrier strong.

Sun sensitivity

Did you know, your skin can be extra sensitive to the sun when you’re pregnant? Pack some sun protection into your daily skincare during pregnancy. Moisturiser with SPF will be your new BFF!

Water retention

Woken up with a puffy face? When pregnant, our bodies need extra fluid to keep it soft and help it expand as our bumps grow. Cue water retention. Don’t worry, it won’t last forever! Until it passes, reach for products with calming anti-inflammatories and natural ingredients to help calm, soothe, and depuff!!

Natural goodness

Hormones on overdrive and a lowered immune system means your usual products may now aggravate your skin. Protect against irritated, sensitive skin in pregnancy by packing your pregnancy skincare routine full of gentle, skin-nurturing ingredients (like you’ll find in Simple skincare) and avoid harsh chemicals, like strong or sickly artificial fragrances. You’re less likely to upset your extra sensitive skin - and your morning sickness will thank you!


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