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Stress and Sensitive Skin

Ah, stress: both friend and foe. Sometimes when things are feeling a bit much, our skin can feel sensitive and flare up during stressful times. Spots? Yep. And red patches too.  So, what now? While you may not be able to avoid all stress all the time, there are some simple ways to help manage some of the effect it has on your skin.  

What happens when you’re stressed?

In a nutshell, stress is a physical reaction where certain hormones like adrenaline and cortisol increase in our bloodstream. ‘Flight or fight’ mode? Here’s where it kicks in! This state of stress (especially if constant) can impact our bodies and skin in different ways like causing our muscles to tense up. So, what now? While you may not be able to avoid all stress there are ways to help manage it.

What happens to your skin when you’re stressed?

For starters, if you’re prone to sensitive skin flare ups, these may increase during times of stress, as can your skin’s oil and sweat production. Meaning? Increased spots along our foreheads. High stress levels can also mess with your skin barrier’s ability to repair itself, causing skin to feel more sensitive.

How to help stressed skin?

From a meh-Monday to deadline madness, sometimes stressful situations can’t be avoided. Sticking to a gentle and consistent skincare routine will help keep skin feeling balanced when everything else feels a bit out of whack. Another tip? Take charge of your stress and make it work for you instead of letting it take over.

Deep breaths make a big difference to calming down major moments, and exercise is a no brainer – all those feel good chemicals release when you start moving. Lastly, spend some time on yourself. Yep, take a bath, try a face mask, or go for a brisk walk – a bit of me time is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. 

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