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All skin can be sensitive: understanding skin sensitivity 

Did you know there’s actually no such thing as a “sensitive” skin type? All skin can be sensitive! Our skin has millions of receptors that react to changes within our bodies and the world around us, and let us know when things are going good, and when they’re not. Not-so-fun fact: it’s also these nerve endings that can make sensitivity so painful and irritating. So, what causes sensitive skin, what are the sensitive skin symptoms to look out for, and what can we do about it?

Our skin's barrier protects us from skin sensitivity

Our skin has a natural barrier (also known as the moisture barrier or lipid layer), which helps keep external irritants out, and goodness, like moisture, in. Problem is, every day your skin is exposed to things that can dry and weaken it. While it’s pretty good at handling small and temporary changes, more significant (or more regular) shifts can disrupt the barrier. Hello sensitive skin.

What are the signs of sensitive skin?

Redness, dry skin, or breakouts? How about itchy, tingling, tight, or irritated skin? If any of these sensitive skin symptoms sound familiar, chances are (like most of us!) you’ve experienced sensitive skin. Thing is, skin sensitivity can mean different things for different people. For some, the signs of sensitive skin change, come and go from one day to the next, reacting to just about anything. Others could find they have dry and dehydrated skin 24/7. And while skin sensitivity can affect us all in lots of different ways, the things causing it tend to remain the same.

What causes sensitive skin?

“Why is my skin sensitive?” we hear your cry. It could be any one of a whole heap of factors. Everything from the cold weather, sun, harsh ingredients, pollution, diet, pregnancy, and even not removing our make-up properly can cause skin to feel extra sensitive. But no dramas! Once you know more about the causes and signs to watch out for, you’ll be all set to fend off skin sensitivity.

Now you’ve got up close and personal with what causes sensitive skin, head over to our 7 Steps to Soothing Sensitive Skin to help soothe your sensitive skin happy.

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