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5 Autumn Skincare Tips to Boost Your Routine

Oh, autumn! Time for changing leaves, warmer clothes, and a crisp chill in the air. But as soon as the temperature drops, our skin lets us know all about it. Suddenly we need to know how to prevent dry skin, dryness and seasonal breakouts from putting a damper on the cosy charm of autumn. But with a few clever dry skin remedies and some tweaks to your skincare routine, you can keep your skin feeling healthy and happy as the leaves fall.

Here are our top autumn skincare tips to help transition your skincare routine, help repair summer skin and see your skin calmly through the cooler weather.

1. Switch to a more moisturising cleanser

As temperatures plummet, humidity levels do too, and our skin loses moisture to the dry air around us. Make the first move and outsmart moisture-loss by swapping your light cleanser for something a little more hydrating. A Water Boost Cleansing Micellar Water can help to instantly hydrate parched, sun-kissed skin, and support your skin’s barrier to help protect you from the damaging effects of the cold weather to come. A rinse-off cleanser, like Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash, will help wash away those dead skin cells, without leaving skin feeling tight or dry.

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2. Pick an autumn skincare booster

We may still be dreaming of those balmy summer days, but all that sun, chlorine, and salt can lead to dehydrated skin come autumn. Time for some serious dry skin remedies. Always apply your moisturiser onto skin right after cleansing. Try adding a booster. Think of it as an additional skincare step to help support your skin during changing seasons.

Us? We reach straight for the Simple Water Boost Hydrating Booster, which includes a plant extract (called *PENTAVITIN®) to help increase your skin’s hydration levels – plus, it comes in a travel-friendly tube and has a lovely silky texture. Winning!

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3. Don’t freak out if you break out

Changes in weather (humidity levels and changes in temperature) can sometimes cause our skin to get upset.

If that odd blemish is popping up, don’t panic! Give your skin an autumn face mask treat. Our clay face mask gives your skin the detox and skin brightening it craves. With natural clays, it helps draw out impurities, while reviving your completion for selfie-worthy, radiant skin. We like to use our Protect ‘n’ Glow Express Glow Clay Polish twice a week to clear dull, dead skin cells and soothe sensitivity. Ahhh bliss.

Can’t decide which mask best suits your skin? Try mixing and matching an autumn face mask routine to address whatever the change in weather is bringing to your skin.

Tailor which mask you use to target specific skin concerns and you can rid oiliness from your T-zone, hydrate against the drying effects of UV rays, moisturise dry patches, and prevent breakouts all in one go!

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4. Swap your light moisturiser for richer dry skin remedies

Once you’ve soothed and smoothed your post-summer skin, it’s time to help build up your skin’s barrier before winter arrives.

We’ve heard it before, but if you’re looking for how to prevent dry skin problems in changing seasons, adding a richer moisturiser to your routine is a quick and effective helping hand for your skin.

If you still love your lighter lotion, just switch it up once a day – and pick something richer for night-time like Simple Water Boost Skin Quench Sleeping Cream.

Lips are often the first to feel the cold (hello chapped and flaky!). We like to pop an extra bit of moisturiser on our lips and then follow up with a rich barrier balm. Lips still flaky? Use a face cloth to buff away dead skin before you moisturise and get ready to pucker-up.

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5. Savvy up your travel skincare

Dashing off on an autumn holiday somewhere lovely? Take a moment to think about how changing temperatures, colder climates, and hard water might impact your skin when you travel. City break? Don’t forget your SPF (yes, even though it’s autumn!). Travelling somewhere snowy? Dehydrated skin can increase when you’re in colder climates so plan how to prevent dry skin woes by packing more hydrating products.

Limited luggage? Our Simple Mini range are just the right size for packable skin lovin’ that you can squeeze to the last drop. As we’re always striving to create more eco-friendly skincare, they’re also made with 62% less plastic than our other 50ml packs!

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So, here you have it, our autumn skincare tips to help repair post-summer skin, and get skin feeling calm, hydrated and ready for whatever winter has in store!

* PENTAVITIN® is a Trademark of DSM.

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