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The secrets to beautiful skin after an all-nighter

Three words nobody ever wants to hear: “you look tired”. Dull, lacklustre skin, dark circles, and tired eyes are all tell-tale signs that you, and your skin, need some serious R&R. Whether you’ve been up late hitting deadlines, or the dancefloor (you go girl!), the good news is there are some easy ways to revitalise tired and dull-looking skin. Searching for the best cream for dull skin rejuvenation or you want to know how to get beautiful skin worthy of a Sleeping-Beauty-length kip? Discover our tips here for rested, healthy skin.

1. How to get rid of bags under eyes? Stay cool 

Up late with your newest TV series obsession? Yup, we’ve been there. But how to get rid of the bags under your eyes that give it away? No doubt you’ve heard of the teaspoon trick, but have you tried it? Stash two teaspoons in the fridge, then hold the back of the cool spoons over your eyes.

The cold helps to depuff and is a welcome wake up call for tired eyes.

 Follow with your best under eye moisturiser to keep eyes feeling calm, looking out for ingredients like refreshing Cucumber Extract. Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm is our fave eye-candy, and helps to get rid of bags under the eyes too. Winning!

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2. Exfoliate your way to beautiful skin

We each shed millions (yes, really) of skin cells per day. If left on the surface dead skin cells can build up, making skin look lacklustre, sallow and dull. Sound familiar? Chin up, because there’s light at the end of the face scrub. Our Protect ‘n’ Glow Express Glow Clay Polish will help you buff skin back to its former glory: gently massage over wet skin and rinse thoroughly with water. Ready… set… glow!

3.Give your dull skin a drink

Did you know? Dullness is one of the first signs of dehydration. Thanks to factors like the weather, pollution, stuffy commutes, air con, and lack of sleep, your skin’s water supplies may be running on empty. Quench your thirsty skin with hydrating heroes like *PENTAVITIN®. This plant extract can double your skin’s natural ability to restore hydration, and cleverly keeps you hydrated even after you’ve cleansed. Simple Water Boost Hydrating Gel Cream is great for taking skin from dull to dewy-fresh, so smother on and perk up your tired-looking skin.

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4. And...RELAX

FOMO is real and sometimes you can’t resist a night out, whatever the next day’s plans are!  If you want skin that looks like it’s had its beauty sleep, it’s time for a little TLC. Stress, city-living, and life on-the-go can all lead to dull, tired-looking skin. Got five? Time for a DIY facial massage.

The beauty of this trick is you can do it at any point in your routine to ramp up your product’s prowess – just take your regular cleanser, scrub, serum, or face cream and work it baby! Massage is known to boost blood flow, reduce puffiness, and restore that rosy, healthy skin glow, making it your skincare routine’s friend-with-benefits.

A few minutes, warm, clean hands, and enough product for your fingers to glide over the skin is all you need. Work your fingertips in small, circular motions across the T-zone, temples, and neck. Follow up with a scalp massage (once you’ve cleaned your hands, of course) for added ahh!

 “Are the fifteen minutes up on your favourite Simple Kind to Skin De-Stress Sheet Mask? Make the moment linger longer and massage the extra product into your skin – the ultimate spahh treat!”

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Wakey-wakey dull and tired skin. Your beautiful, healthy-looking skin is back - even if you were cutting shapes on the dancefloor ‘til dawn. We won’t tell.

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