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Six top tips: How to take off make-up 

Whether we’re rocking neon statement eyes or dabbing on a rosy glow, we all know how important it is to clean off our make-up before hopping into bed. But do we know the best way to remove make-up, or the best make-up remover for sensitive skin to use? Here’s how to take off your make-up, while going easy on your skin, with 6 top make-up removal tips.

1. How to take off make-up everywhere on your face? Up your access 

Firstly, the best way to remove make-up is to start off by sweeping hair away from your face before cleansing. Your hairline? A hotbed for forgotten-about build-up, so make this spot a regular in your cleansing routine. Don’t forget behind your ears and below your jaw – pesky make-up remains can be left behind.

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2. Go gentle on your eyes 

Eyes are sensitive, and the skin around them is much thinner than the rest of your face. This means tugging, pulling, rubbing, and even vigorous cleansing can damage the delicate skin. The best make-up remover for sensitive skin and eyes will be one with a gentle formula that doesn’t irritate, but also works hard so you don’t need to apply rough pressure or pulling. Kind to Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover, is all you need to get every lash clean, specially developed to be gentle on sensitive skin. No harsh rubbing required!

3. The best way to take off eye make-up that won’t budge? Soak it away 

A simple tip to dissolve stubborn eye make-up is to soak lids and lashes for longer. Hold a cotton pad soaked in Simple Kind to Skin Serum Infused Eye Make-Up Remover over your eyes for a few seconds, and sweep away that mascara residue in one go.

Leaving for a few extra seconds means the more time the two-part formula has to get to work.

Give the bottle a quick shake to mix the vitamin-enriched water and gentle cleansing oil phases before using. It conditions your lashes as it works, with no need to rub your skin – perfect for even sensitive skin!

4. Try a biodegradable cotton bud 

You heard it here first! These multitasking marvels are our secret to getting a great cleanse. Soak one end in eye make-up remover and use it for stubborn areas like between eyebrow hairs, under your eye line, and even hard-to-reach foundation residue in your hairline. 

“Fun fact: a cotton bud dipped in eye make-up remover is a great tool for fixing wobbly eyeliner when you’re applying it.”
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5. Give skin a mini massage 

When opting for a wash-off cleanser, the best way to take off make-up is to massage it into your skin in circular motions, concentrating on areas where dirt collects, like the sides of your nose and your neck. Just try not to pull the skin down, as this can add unwanted pressure on delicate skin. This mini massage will also help to boost circulation and bring oxygen to the surface of the skin, making it look refreshed and healthy – and it feels so nice!

6. Be prepared: make-up removal tips on-the-go 

Removing eye make-up doesn’t always happen in the bathroom! Sometimes, the best way to remove make-up is an on-the-go job. Ever had a fright post-workout when your mascara has melted down your cheeks? Sweat mixed with the day’s make-up and pollution can be a hot spot for skin irritation. Stash a pack of Water Boost Biodegradable Hydrating Cleansing Wipes in your gym bag for a quick cleanse pre and post-spin class – they’ll leave skin feeling hydrated, clean and fright-free, and are one of the best make-up removers for sensitive skin!

So, there you have it. Our insider guide to the best ways to remove make-up, for that fresh-faced feeling, without the fuss. Now, where are those wipes?

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