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4 ways to support period skin

Can you relate to that time of the month when spots pop up like clockwork? Same time, same place and always on the face *groan*. It’s called ‘period skin’. Need advice on how to support your skin at different stages of your cycle? We’ve got you with expert tips to help your skin go with the (ahem!) flow.

Why does my skin freak out during my period?

Skin sensitivity and breakouts tend to be a side effect of fluctuating hormone levels – specifically progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone. Depending on where you are in your cycle, typically one or two hormone levels rise, while the others fall. So, just as you might notice your mood flip flop at different times of the month, so does your skin, which can show up as bouts of sensitivity, breakouts or even dryness. Nothing to worry about, it’s simply your skin’s way of telling you that your hormones are doing their thing.

How do I know if my breakouts are period related?

Period pimples may look like regular spots, but they tend to pop up (no pun intended) around your lower cheeks, chin and jawline (rather than on the forehead). Another clue that your spots are hormone related? They usually appear the week or so before your period, when progesterone and testosterone levels go into overdrive. Understanding this hormonal cycle is super useful to keep track of (tip: scribble those dates down in your diary or download a period app). When you know what to expect, you can prep ahead with a few key products to support your skin through each phase.

How to support period skin

We breakdown what happens at each stage of your hormonal cycle, so you can sync up your skincare…

Pre-period must-haves

Heads up: week three (or so) of your cycle is the prime time for breakouts. Skin tends to get more oily at this stage which can clog pores and attract bacteria. As well as cleansing twice daily to keep pores clear, it’s also wise to lay-off heavy oil-based skincare or make-up. At this time of the month, our anti-blemish, anti-shine Daily Skin Detox SOS Booster is a pocket rocket worth keeping on standby. With 10% witch hazel, it zaps zits, reduces redness and mattifies on demand. Even the toughest spots don’t stand a chance.

During your period

Skin is at its most sensitive during your period, so be gentle and treat it with kindness – we’re talking products to help calm and soothe when you need it most. Our Ultra Calming Sheet Mask with hemp seed oil has your back – made from super-soothing natural fibers, this fast-acting bestseller takes stressed, sensitive skin from 10 to zen in minutes and delivers 48-hours of long-lasting relief.

Post-period skin heroes

Ready to ride the hormone rollercoaster again? As this is the ‘rebalancing’ phase of your cycle, you can look forward to skin at its brightest, clearest and plumpest (thank you oestrogen!). For an extra helping hand in the radiance stakes, try our Protect ‘n’ Glow Detox & Brighten Clay Mask. With organic ginger, natural clays and vits C and D, this formula is on a one-mask mission to draw out any oil build up or toxins still lurking in pores for the ultimate post-period glow.


What else triggers period skin?

It doesn’t matter what phase of the month you’re in, harsh chemicals have no place in any skincare regime… Period. Not only can they trigger reactions such as inflammation, but unnecessary ingredients such as perfume and artificial colours can also make the symptoms of period skin worse... no thanks! That’s why every single Simple product is free from over 2000 chemicals – because worrying about what’s in your skincare is the last thing you need on your period.  



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