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How does pregnancy change your skin?

Along with a gorgeous baby, becoming a mum changes your priorities, sleep pattern (send help!) and yes, even your skin. Both during and after pregnancy, your hormones fluctuate, meaning you may notice some skin changes – oiliness, acne and dryness are all quite common. The good news? We’ve put together some advice on how to treat your pre-natal and post-natal skin with kindness. We hope these expert tips will give you more of an idea of what to expect when you’re expecting…

What happens to your skin during pregnancy? 

Your hormones are in serious flux, so right from the beginning of pregnancy, you may experience some skin changes. Increased sebum production (hello, oiliness) and breakouts are quite common. Even before your baby arrives, your sleep can get disrupted, meaning you may notice your skin looks dull or dry. Do. Not. Panic. It couldn’t be easier to support your skin through all of this – our Daily Skin Detox SOS Booster is made with a detoxifying blend of concentrated 10% witch hazel, thyme and zinc, to help mattify oily skin and blemishes whilst being gentle on your skin.

Once oil has been controlled, our Protect ‘N Glow Radiance Booster SPF 30 is amazing at helping it to shine bright, no matter what. SPF protection is especially important when you’re pregnant because your skin becomes more sensitive and exposure to the sun’s rays can cause melasma, increased pigmentation of your skin.

How does your skin change after you give birth?

So the delivery is done (phew) and now you’ve got a beautiful baby to show for it. Now you’ve got a whole new human to care for, self-care may feel like less of a priority, but it’s still so important. Try switching up your routine with fast-acting (yet pampering) products. Instead of your marathon pre-pregnancy bathroom spa sessions, now it’s all about baby steps and making smart, time-efficient swaps. Also, remember that thing called ‘uninterrupted sleep’? Didn’t think so.

If under-eye circles and puffiness are getting you down, pop on our Water Boost Reviving Under Eye Mask during their next feed. Every second counts, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly these clever little patches get to work – they can reduce puffiness in just five minutes. They also stay put, meaning you can get on with your tasks in those five minutes when you’re dealing with a wriggling baby! To cool and refresh your under eyes even more, try popping them in the fridge.

What types of products are safe to use on my pregnancy skin?

When you’re busy caring for two, it pays to be extra cautious about what you’re using on your skin.  When you’re pregnant, your skin becomes more sensitive and your sense of smell can get stronger, so look for products with no alcohol, artificial perfumes or harsh chemicals. All Simple products are safe to use before, during and after pregnancy and are free from over 2000 chemicals.  

Finally, remember to be kind to your skin, to yourself and know that every mum is different. Some women find themselves with new skin challenges to address and others get a healthy glow, clearer complexion and luscious, bouncy-looking hair. Whatever comes your way, now you have some new ways to support your pregnancy skin.

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