Vitamin C Serum

When it comes to a face serum, Vitamin C might just stake the claim to being the most popular. It helps you to achieve that all-day glow and tackles concerns like skin dullness and discoloration, as well as fine lines and uneven skin texture. 



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What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a nutrient, and one that your body needs, not only to support your immune system, but to help brighten skin and shrink pores too. Good for both the inside and out, then.




Peta approved vegan logo, 95% naturally derived, 91% biodegradable formula

Bring Vitamin C into your routine

Adding a vit c serum into your skincare routine means you’re doing that much more to protect your skin, as well as help it look happy and healthy. Here’s a few simple ways that you can incorporate it:

  1. Your night-time skin treatment. Allow your skin to soak in the vitamin c serum overnight and wake up with gorgeously glowy skin.

  2. Your base underneath make up. If you have oily skin and your makeup disappears as the day goes by, it’s vitamin c to the rescue. Pop it on before your moisturiser/primer and it will shrink your pores for less oil production throughout the day.

  3. Your long-term treatment. If you want to target redness and discolouration, try using our vitamin c serum as your treatment. Bright and healthy skin won’t be far off.

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