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Simple & Little Mix's Mission To #ChooseKindness

Love Little Mix? Us too! We're thrilled to announce that we've teamed up with Little Mix once again, this time to support anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label. At Simple we're all about being kind to skin, but we want to do more. Our mission? To help put an end to cyberbullying one kind word at a time. Along with Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Ann and Jade, we're encouraging everyone to take a stand against harsh words on the internet. It's time to #ChooseKindness


We have more exciting news! It's time to unveil our brand-new Limited Edition packs in partnership with Little Mix. We believe in being kind to skin, the planet and people, and have given six of our must-have products a packaging makeover to celebrate this. Covered with kind words, these new packs feature inspirational reminders to wipe away unkind words and #ChooseKindness instead. In the UK, nearly 1 in 3 teens have experienced bullying online. Together with Little Mix and Ditch The Label, we want to help shape a world free from all types of bullying. Welcome to our Kindness Revolution!

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Kindness is Everything 

As Leigh-Ann knows, kindness is our thing. “The reason why we love Simple so much is because it’s kind to your skin and affordable for everyone. We rely on the face wipes so much when we are on tour. We all use them and like that there is nothing harsh in them”. 

After last year's super exciting partnership, we're delighted that Little Mix will be helping us spread the #ChooseKindness message in 2019. Need a little inspiration? Perrie, you're up! “Kindness means everything…Because, it’s not difficult to be kind – it’s more difficult to be negative. Being kind should come naturally”.

1 in 3 Teens 

According to Ditch the Label's research, nearly 1 in 3 teens experience cyberbullying online. That's definitely not OK. We want to raise awareness of this international issue, sprinkling kindness as we go! As Jesy knows, a little kindness can go a long way: “I got really upset about something I saw online and then the next day, my boyfriend wrote me a letter in the post. It had a picture of me and him and the letter started with ‘Everything I love about you and whenever you’re sad, just read this’”.


What does #ChooseKindness mean to Jade? “For us as a girl band, it’s so important that we support one another. We want to stand together and show our fans that you’ll go a lot further in life if you support each other. We are just trying to encourage everyone to take steps like leaving a positive comment on a picture of someone who you think looks nice”.

Ditch the Label do seriously amazing work to support young people and end cyberbullying. That's why money raised from the Simple #ChooseKindness campaign with Little Mix is going to the charity; it will help fund their vital anti-bullying support and empower more young people to be proud of themselves!


We love that Ditch the Label stand for a world that's fair, equal and free from all types of bullying. Together with Little Mix, we're starting a Kindness Revolution and we'd love you to join us. 


Let's all #ChooseKindness!

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