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hydration that doesn’t wash away

Get dewy fresh skin with simple water boost, a range specially designed for dry & sensitive skin for a deep hydration.

our Water Boost range for dry skin

Dry skin happens. Yep, whether it’s from harsh cleansers or hormones, sometimes our natural lipid barrier is disrupted, which means moisture leaks out and skin can feel rough, flaky, and irritated. Our tips to helping dry skin? Stick to a gentle, balanced routine with specially tailored skincare for dry skin that replenishes the barrier, so that water stays in place, and skin stays supple and moisturised.

Morning Routine

Evening Routine

Simple WB Day routine

morning routine for dry skin

Start your morning routine for dry skin with gentle cleansers like our Water Boost Micellar Facial Gel Wash, with micellar technology which helps to revive and freshen up your skin, then moisturise with our Water Boost Hydrating Gel Cream and revive tired eyes with the Under-eye Hydrogel Mask . Ready for the day!

Simple WB Night Routine

your evening routine for dry skin

Back after a long day? Remove your make up with our Biodegradable Hydrating Facial Wipes and then try a quick clean with our Cleansing Micellar Water. Take few extra minutes to relax and unwind with our 5-Minute Reset Hydrogel Mask and finish up with our skin quench cream, for deep hydration while you sleep.

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