Anti-bac Defence

simple kind defence

Simple Kind Defence +ANTI-BAC range provides everyday care and protection to delicate facial skin with a kind enough anti-bacterial active and skin loving vitamins

our Kind Defence Antibac range

We know you have a lot of questions about this new range:

  • Simple Kind Defence Antibac provides everyday cleansing, moisturisation and protection by taking care of skin with skin loving ingredients and vitamins, but also removing up to 99.9% of bacteria, with a kind enough anti bacterial active that does not irritate delicate facial skin  

  • We touch our face 20/hr which means all that bacteria on your hand gets transferred to your face.  We all know why we need to wash our hands, but we also need to wash our face.  An anti-bac for your face, has a similar role as for your hands, to remove the unwanted bacteria that can cause us harm. 

  • Kind Defence Range can absolutely replace your existing products such as your wash or moisturiser when you are looking for a little added protection.  There are several formats in the range, and you may find rather than replacing you are adding to your routine as you may recognise a new need for protection at different moments in your day. 

  • These products have been clinically tested and proved to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria after just one use. In addition, just like every Simple product, these Kind Defence products are dermatologist tested to be kind to skin and ophthalmologist tested to be kind to eyes – this ensures that our products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. 

  • All our Simple products are designed to be pH neutral and these products are no exception. They have no alcohol, no perfume and gentle antibacterial agent CTAC all of which have been tested to ensure the products are not irritating to skin and eyes.

  • Alcohol based sanitizers are harsh, they are effective at attaching to bacteria and dissolving its outer layer killing the bacteria BUT they also negatively affect skin health (like over drying skin making skin more vulnerable to irritation). CTAC works similarly to alcohol since when attached to the bacteria it pokes holes in bacteria’s outer layer, breaking it down and de-activating it. 

  • Yes! We have developed this range for face however with hand in mind as we thought it might be convenient to be able to use on both.   It’s safe enough to use on your face but can also be used on your hands – don’t try to use a hand sanitizer on your face though, this will irritate your skin and eyes!