All our wipes are now BIODEGRADABLE!

Our wipes are kinder to the planet

Whether they are used for a quick early morning or evening cleanse, after the gym to refresh skin or for make-up removal – cleansing wipes make caring for skin easy, even when life gets hectic. But we also know that in a growingly conscious world that you shouldn’t have to choose between taking care of your skin, and caring for the planet which is why now all our wipes are biodegradable, vegan and their packaging is recyclable too!

Our Biodegradable wipes continue to love your skin whilst loving the planet!
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Reducing your plastic consumption as never been so easy!

Skin loving ingredients in the Biodegradable wipes

Did you know the packaging of our BIO wipes is recyclable? Bring it to your nearest store to dispose of it properly

Simple Biodegradable Wipes take only 42 days to biodegrade

Our wipes biodegrade in just 42 days under compost conditions better than oak leaves, pine needles and wood fibers.

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