Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Dry skin is never fun. But there’s a way you can help your skin keep it at bay: with our hyaluronic acid serum. It’s the perfect way to give your skin some extra hydration and moisturisation, essential during the colder months of the year. 



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What is hyaluronic acid?

Great question – we’ll keep the answer simple. Hyaluronic acid is a compound produced by your body, and it’s vital for keeping moisture in our skin. It protects and heals it too. Just one of the many amazing things your brilliant body does without you knowing.




Hyaluronic acid stats: 81% agreed skin feels instantly soft, 80% agreed it leaves skin looking healthy, 3 out of 4 agreed skin feels instantly hydrated

So why use more of it on my skin?

Being out and about in the world can affect our skin in all sorts of ways. In particular, the weather can have a real way with it. Especially throughout winter – the chillier months can really dry out your skin. That’s just when your skin could use a moisturisation boost, so it’s the perfect time to be reaching for your hyaluronic acid serum.

Fun Fact: Hyaluronic acid penetrates deep within the skin, and it moisturises from within, and that means one thing: all-day hydration.

And that’s just one of the hyaluronic acid serum benefits. It doesn’t just give your skin the hydration it craves, but because hyaluronic acid retains moisture in your skin so well, that it actually helps to strengthen it, meaning your skin will recover quicker from wounds. Ultimately, you’ll just have that little bit more protection from the environment.





Peta approved vegan logo, 95% naturally derived, 98% biodegradable formula

Using Hyaluronic Acid in your routine

It’s super easy to fit our hyaluronic acid serum into your already-existing skincare routine. After wiping away dirt and impurities with our Cleansing Wipes, and restoring your skin with our Moisturising Facial Wash, hydrate around your eyes with our Hydrating Eye Gel. Now is where your serum for skin comes into play – it’s best applied on damp skin, so all that previous cleansing will have been the perfect set-up. Finish things off with our Hydrating Light Moisturiser, to now lock in all of that lovely moisture provided by the hyaluronic acid serum.

With that skincare routine, dry skin doesn’t stand a chance. Find our 3% Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin B Booster Serum here .