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Stories of Kindness

There’s a lot of kindness in the world but it can’t always be heard. We’re turning up the volume by partnering with Positive News magazine (open in new window) to share stories of kindness. The Simple team have selected the most inspiring Positive News articles that uncover kindness in action, and together we’re sharing these stories to help you choose kindness, too. 

We are proud to be supporting good journalism about the good things that are happening in the world, as a Positive News Brands of Inspiration partner (open in new window).


Do small acts of kindness add up?

A new wave of organisations has sprung up, promoting small pro-social and pro-environmental actions. But do these acts make any difference?

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Belize praised for ‘visionary’ steps to save coral reef

Unesco removed the Mesoamerican coral reef from its list of threatened sites in June 2018, saying Belize had taken “visionary” steps to protect it.

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‘Single-use’ is named 2018 word of the year

‘Single-use’ has been named 2018 word of the year. Popularity of the term highlights the huge swell in public awareness around plastic pollution.

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Could we beat global warming? Megatrends to look out for

The news when it comes to climate change isn’t exclusively catastrophic. Quick-developing global megatrends suggest the fight is not over yet.

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A clean sweep: the ambitious ocean clean-up project

A young entrepreneur has devised a pioneering way to tackle ocean plastic waste. The project has not been all smooth sailing, but Boyan Slat remains confident

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Are we more together than alone?

At a time that can seem dominated by difference, US poet and philosopher Mark Nepo says we’re far more connected than we think.

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Time to be kind: why kindness matters

It’s cool to be kind, but is it a trend or a real tool for transforming society?

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