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10 pro-social acts that could make a big difference

Can seemingly small acts of kindness create a 'ripple effect' toward wider change? Here are 10 ways to make an impact where you live

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Words: Pan Xiaozhen

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Buy from an independent shop image credit: Alex Block

Learn First Aid image credit: Zhen Hu

Take part in a community cleanup image credit: Pan Xiaozhen

Donate flowers to someone in neeed image credit: Rawpixel

Have a vegetarian day image credit: Thought Catalog

Pass on a boook image credit: Karim Ghantous

Cook a hot meal for a neighbour image credit: Brooke Lark

Create a beautiful community space image credit: Pavel Nekoranec

Acts are adapted from Good and Kind which lists 100 ways to make the world a ‘kinder’ place

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