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Bacteria-busting genius – anti-bacterial care for your face

Quick question: what are your hands doing right now? Rubbing your eyes from too much screen time? Supporting your chin while you scroll through social? Guilty! In fact, studies show we touch our faces 20 times every hour. Mind blowing... right?!

Recent events have taught us ALL about the importance of hand washing, but also of keeping our hands free from our face. Constant touching means we’re transferring bacteria from our fingertips straight to our skin (hello, breakouts!). Coupled with the effects of lockdown stress and screen fatigue, it’s no wonder your skin might be in freak out mode and in need of extra support.

Enter: Kind Defence – a world-first collection, supercharged with 99.9% anti-bacterial protection for happy skin and peace of mind. Unlike drying anti-bac products you might be used to for your hands, our new range is powered by an innovative bacteria buster called CTAC which is kind to skin, while protecting it from bacteria. Plus, it’s a no alcohol anti-bac formula. That means, not only is this unique collection gentle enough to use on your face (and hands!), it’s also effective anti-bac care that’s safe for sensitive skin. Excited? Us too. Keep scrolling for the details...

How anti-bacterial Kind Defence works: microbiome 101


To understand how Kind Defence lives up to its name, we need get up close and personal with how your skin works. Cue your microbiome – AKA millions of microorganisms that keep the good and bad bacteria on your skin in equilibrium. While most anti-bacterial products mess with the delicate balancing act of a healthy microbiome, Kind Defence actually supercharges and supports its work instead. Let’s breakdown how...

No alcohol anti-bac formulas

We all know that feeling of dry, tight skin after using anti-bac on our hands. You can blame alcohol for that. Although it has disinfecting properties, the downside of alcohol is that it can irritate and strip your skin’s delicate microbiome. That’s why we skipped the alcohol (as always). And the perfume. And the mineral oils, harsh chemicals and animal derived products. Kind Defence is no alcohol anti-bac care that stays kind to sensitive skin and still delivers effective anti-bacterial power. 

Gentle 99.9% bacteria removal

How, you ask? Say hello to our little friend cetrimonium chloride (CTAC), the answer to no alcohol anti-bac care. It might not sound like something you want to put near your face, but don’t be alarmed – CTAC is actually a gentle genius and a surfactant like no other. As well as breaking down oil, dirt and make-up, this clever double agent also has superior antibacterial properties to keep skin protected from bacteria.

What’s the science behind CTAC? Essentially, CTAC molecules grab the surface of invasive bacteria poking holes on its outer layer, breaking up bacteria and making it harmless. While alcohol and other anti-bacterial agents are too harsh for daily use on sensitive skin, others like CTAC can be formulated for 99.9% bacteria removal with super gentle results – win win. 

Kind-to-skin ingredients

Every product in the Kind Defence range is loaded with Vitamins B3 and B5 – star ingredients that help nourish and build up your microbiome’s resilience, to keep skin happy and healthy looking. But that’s not all, we’ve added a hit of Vitamin C to support a healthy-functioning skin barrier, too.


3 ways to boost your anti-bacterial routine with Kind Defence

So, you want a bacteria-busting skincare routine without spending hours on extra steps? Here’s how to keep it Simple with our new anti-bacterial skincare squad... 

Kind Defence anti-bac on the go

Want pocket-sized maskne prevention help while you’re out and about? Don’t leave home without Kind Defence Hydrating Mist Protection and biodegradable Kind Defence Cleansing Wipes, for the ultimate convenient cleanse. Top tip: both products can be used on your face, neck and hands for a bacteria-busting hit, anytime, anywhere.

Kind Defence anti-bac for cleansing

Our Kind Defence cleansers are a smart way to step up your skin protection – whether you’re starting the day or washing it away. For a deep cleaning face wash with no harsh rubbing required, choose from Kind Defence Cleansing Wash  or Kind Defence Cleansing Antibacterial Water. Skin soothing and bacteria busting, both formulas support your skin’s natural defences, without stripping it. Win win! 

Kind Defence anti-bac for daily moisture

After your cleansing face wash, apply Kind Defence Light Moisturiser for an added boost of anti-bacterial protection and skin-loving Vitamin B3 and B5. Simple!



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