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What Type of Skin Do I Have? our Simple guide

Knowledge is power, right? And figuring out your skin type is the first step in taking care of your skin. Dry, oily, combination, sensitive – which of these skin types do you have? Discover the answer by checking out our complete guide to the characteristics of different skin types. We’ll make it simple to identify yours.

What type of skin do I have?

We’ve put together lists of common characteristics for combination, dry, oily and sensitive skin to help you figure out yours. But why is it important to know the differences between skin types? Each of the different skin types requires different skincare products and approaches to help your skin look its beautiful, healthy best.

Characteristics of dry skin

Flaky patches? Tight skin? Yep, it sounds like you have dry skin. Here are some of the most common characteristics of dry skin:

  • Rough texture;
  • Dull or blotchy complexion;
  • Flaky, scaly or red patches;   
  • Almost invisible pores;    
  • Lack of elasticity;
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are more visible; 

How can you help dry skin? Dry skin types benefit from intense hydration and moisture. Our Water Boost product range tackles dehydrated, dry, rough skin with its hydrating combination of natural minerals and plant extracts. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding long, hot showers and baths can also help you care for dry skin.

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Characteristics of oily skin

Shiny t-zone? Pesky blackheads? It seems like your skin type is oily. See how many of these typical characteristics of oily skin you can tick off:

  • Blemishes, pimples or blackheads (particularly in the t-zone);
  • Shiny or greasy appearance;
  • Thick, pale complexion;    
  • Plumper skin;
  • More visible, enlarged pores.

To help oily skin you can try Simple Daily Skin Detox range, which is designed with oily, blemish prone skin types in mind. Our Daily Skin Detox Purifying Face Wash can help combat clogged pores and oily skin with its deep cleansing, detoxifying combination of thyme, witch hazel and zinc. These naturally derived ingredients are all kind to your skin.

Characteristics of combination skin

Oily nose, forehead and chin, but dry cheeks? That sounds like a case of combination skin. Signs that you have a combination skin type include: 

  • Shiny t-zone (forehead, nose and chin);
  • Blackheads;
  • Enlarged pores around t-zone;
  • Dry, flaky cheeks.

When you have combination skin you benefit from mixing and matching products from different ranges to suit your mix of skin types – both oily and dry. Try Simple Daily Skin Detox range for your t-zone, along with our Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser to hydrate your skin for up to 12 hours without clogging your pores.

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What is sensitive skin?

Here at Simple, we know that any skin can be sensitive. Our skin can become sensitive when its natural barrier is weakened. The sun, cold weather, pollution, diet and harsh ingredients can cause this disruption. What are the signs of sensitive skin? Here are a few tell tale characteristics:

  • Breakouts;
  • Redness;
  • Dryness;
  • Irritation;
  • Tingling;
  • Tightness.

Simple Kind to Skin Protecting Light Moisturiser with SPF 15 is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, so – like all our products – it’s perfect for sensitive skin. It’s free from artificial colours, perfumes and harsh chemicals – it contains only skin-loving, gentle ingredients.

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Now that you’ve identified your skin type you can take care of it with skincare products that match up. Embrace your skin type, whatever it is. And remember that Simple is here to help – we promise to always be kind to your skin.

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