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How does pollution affect your skin

Whether you love spending your time under big city lights or prefer the country life, pollution is a skincare buzzword that should definitely be on your lips. Ready for the answer to how pollution can affect our skin?

Essentially, tiny particles and gases in dirt, exhaust fumes or smog can penetrate our skin cells and cause damage to our skin’s barrier. When this barrier is damaged, it can lead to signs of premature ageing and other skincare no-nos like feelings of irritation and dryness. Not to mention a reduction in skin antioxidants and even an increase in oil production...all from particles we can't even see!

Eek! What should I do?

Cleanse, hydrate and protect your skin (hello SPF!) – check, check, check! The Simple Kind to Skin Pollution Protect Sheet Mask is also great to keep handy. Packed with antioxidants like Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 and Agave Americana, it infuses active nutrients into the skin to help minimise the drying effect of pollution. Short on time? No problem! The mask takes just 15 minutes to work its magic.

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City vs. countryside

No surprises here, but city dwellers and commuters will generally find themselves exposed to more pollution. Research actually shows that people living in highly polluted areas age 10% faster than their countryside-based counterparts*1 However, did you know that pollution can also be moved to more rural areas by the weather? The take-away message: a great skincare routine is super important wherever you live!

Pollution on-the-go

Wanderlust? You're not alone! Statistic alert: it's estimated that 1.4 billion people passed through airports worldwide in 2016*2. We all know that travel contributes towards pollution levels, and that our skin can bear the brunt of switching between different environments. Choosing more eco-friendly travel options, and keeping our skin protected when we do head off on trips, can make a big difference. A Sheet Mask is convenient to use and easy to pop into your travel bag!

What next?

Right now, about 92% of the world’s population live in places where levels of air pollution exceed the World Health Organization’s safety limits*3. That means being kind to our skin by keeping it cleansed, hydrated and protected is more important than ever! With Simple, building an effective skincare routine is straightforward and fuss-free.

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